A global transaction platform for banks, governments, NGOs, hospitals and users to transparently exchange value.

All based on the first, true user-owned identity and a massively scalable commerce blockchain, capable of billions of  transactions for a fraction of a penny in a few seconds.


All economic activity is based upon identity verification

Value is exchanged based on trust – relationships, banks, contracts, etc.

Trust is based on “verifying” identity, but identity is broken for 50% of the global population (e.g. 1+ billion no ID; 1.6 billion no bank account), which makes up $20 trillion of the world economy

Recognizing the challenges of scaling a modern, robust economy, EVERID built a value transfer AND identity verification platform capable of supporting over 25% of the global economy (i.e. $20 trillion).  As such, EVERID’s protocol & network scale…..time (rapid verification) cost-effectiveness (cost less than a USD penny per verification), transaction volume (handle 1-10 billion transactions per month – and scale to trillions) and security (more secure than existing centralized or public distributed databases; and includes biometric digital identity).

EVERID partners with large organizations (governments, banks, NGOs, hospitals, businesses) that manage & exchange value with users.  These organizations face problems, like…..

FRAUD & LEAKAGE: How much is lost in under or misreporting? 25-50%?

REACH: How many people can be reached without huge costs of technology?

VERIFICATION: Who is really receiving the money/vouchers?

DATA: How is the money/vouchers spent? When does the agency get answers?

EVERID’s platform solves these problems:

1. Management & delivery platform for value/cash transfer in any currency

2. Reach 7+ billion people w/ cloud wallet & document

3. Verification via webcam, fingerprint reader or mobile app (no device ownership required)

4. Self-funding, secure network overseen by an independent Foundation

5. The protocol to handle that scale, speed, price, security needed

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